Tayo na sa Bukid Poem Recitation Contest Winner

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August marks “Buwan ng Wika” in honor of the late President Manuel L. Quezon. Different celebrations in different schools were done to commemorate this day where the Filipino language is the main focus of the month.

School children play different native games, wear traditional Filipino clothes and eat native food and delicacies.

For the intermediate level where the children are now enrolled, they had a poem recitation contest among grades 4 – 5 children. There were 8 contestants (from 8 classes, 4 classes for each grade level) and my son was one of those who competed. They recited “Tayo na sa Bukid”

I missed his performance during the competition because he said it’s ok for me not to watch but I later found out that it was ok. Sigh.

Anyway, the good news was that he won! He bested seven other contestants.

the son

Here he was reciting the poem during the culminating activity in front of the whole school assembly.

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