Boy Scout Goes A-camping

10:07 am Enrichment, Grade 4, Homeschoolers No More, The Son, Weekends

My Boy Scout is going camping today. The scouts will have an over night camping. I’ve already prepped the things he will bring and hubby was shocked to see how much food I prepared: several brick boxes of milk, water bottles, bananas, a small loaf of bread, cookies, biscuits and even a can of pork and beans.

I also put several clothes to last him several days.

He is bringing a tent and a sleeping bag. His contribution to the group are several bags of charcoal for cooking.

I wanted to bring him to his pulmonologist first before the camping but we didn’t have time to visit the doctor. I hope he won’t have an asthma attack though he brought his inhaler with him, as he always does.

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