Vitamin A Food Mobile

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Vitamin A Food Mobile project:

Art Materials

Used egg tray for mixing the paint, water color paints in tube (ugh! the smell was bad), craft glue, scissors, paper for the drawing, long native baskets for the food (from last year’s Christmas gift “boxes”), and puncher. Not in photo is the hanger, round clips (from the notepads project of teacher mom), yarn from projects I can’t remember and native tray (from two Christmases ago where food gifts were given).

Vitamin A Food Mobile

Vitamin A rich food: egg, spinach, carrot and cheese (not in the photo yet).

Food Mobiles in School

Most of the food mobiles submitted were made of “plastic” fruits and vegetables. I see nothing wrong because these are more colorful and livelier to look at but I think it is better that the children learn to do these art projects from scratch because it not only enhances their imagination and creativity, it also promotes the use of whatever materials one has in the home.

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