Field Trip: Kampo Trexo

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Kampo Trexo field trip was fun. There are many activities to do in Kampo Trexo and here are some of what the son and his classmates did (warning: there are a lot of photos in this entry so I hope your internet connection is good):

The son lining up to go down the zipline:

Kampo Trexo Zipline

The Kampo Trexo zip line from below:

Kampo Trexo Zipline

Kampo Trexo Rock/Wall Climbing. This looks easy but not all the children were able to reach the top:

Kampo Trexo Wall Climbing

Kampo Trexo rappelling:

Kampo Trexo Rappelling

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course:

Monkey Bars:

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course

Net covered zigzag route:

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course

Scramble to the top of the ropes and going back on the other side challenge:

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course

Mini-hanging bridge:

Kampo trexo Obstacle Course

Cross the other side of the wall while hanging on the hand and foot hold wall:

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course

Balancing on wood:

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course

Hiking down a steep hill to go river trekking:

Kampo Trexo Hiking

Going back to camp site on a big hanging bridge high above tree tops:

Kampo Trexo Hanging Bridge

Kampo Trexo is fun. I’m sure it would also be fun to spend a Scouting camp there :)

Kampo Trexo is in Alfonso, Cavite.

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