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Homeschooling does not just mean that the learning takes place within the confines of one’s home. Homeschooling means having the option to choose from among the many learning enrichment centers that provide more skills and new things to learn for homeschoolers.

When my children were still homeschooling, I considered daily tasks as avenues for learning: Science and Math concepts at the supermarket; scheduling and time management for the day to day activities; practical life skills (plus home-making skills) with the household chores; good moral and right conduct with how we deal with the people we encounter throughout the day; honing creativity and imagination through arts and crafts. The list of possibilities and opportunities to learn are endless, if only parents are resourceful and have the “energy” to pursue extra-curricular activities.

I’ve recently been introduced to a not-so-new concept of teaching children academic concepts in an enriching manner, through NumberWorks’nWords, an international learning center for Math and English. What I meant by not-so-new is that I also do the process NumberWorks’Words do with the students: assess, make a program and do a progress report.

What sets the centers apart from the usual tutorial centers is that there are individualized programs for Math and Reading available in NumberWorks’nWords. The centers have evolving learning computer software that they have been developing for years to meet the students learning needs. These learning modules have been developed by educators and software engineers.

Professor Dan Handy, the Managing Director of NumberWorks’nWords explained that their centers want the children to love learning through their programs. The Math Programs are being continually developed by experts while the English programs are geared toward reading, comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar.

NumberWorks’nWords provide assessment process to be able to create individualized programs for the children enrolled with them. They also provide progress reports. All these in an atmosphere where learning is enjoyable.

Here are some fun games for your children to try while they are learning: Games from Number Works’nWords


For inquiries, these are the NumberWorks’nWords in the Philippines:

Green Hills NumberWorks’nWords, Phone (02) 227-7933

Katipunan NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 393 0611

Taguig NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 846-6268

Alabang NumberWorks’nWords Phone (632) 807 6294 / 772 4655


Grade 4 Math: Ratio

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Grade 4 Math Reviewer: Ratio


Write the ratio in two ways:


1.     5 books to 10 students

2.     A dozen eggs to 36 eggs

3.     3km to 2000m


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Grade 4 Math Reviewer: ratio


Grade 4 Math: Angles

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1.     A _______ is a part of as line that has one endpoint and extends infinitely in one direction.

2.     An _________ is made up of two rays having a common endpoint called vertex.

3.     A __________ is used to measure an angle

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Grade 4 Math: Angles Reviewer


Grade 4 Math: Basic Geometric Elements

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1.     A ________ is an exact location in space that has no dimension

2.     A ________ is an infinite set of points that extends infinitely in both directions

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Grade4Math Basic Geometric Elements

Ratio, Proportion and Percent

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Fill in the blanks:

1. A ___________ is a comparison of two quantities.

2. A ___________ is a comparison between two different quantities.

3. Two equal ratios form a _____________, where the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes.

4. To change a fraction with a denominator of 100 to percent, drop the denominator and affix the ___________

5. To change the fraction whose denominator is not 100 to percent, write an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 100 then write this as ___________

6. To write a percent as a fraction, use 100 as the ________________ then reduce to lowest term.

7. To change a decimal to a percent, first change the decimal to a fraction with a denominator of _________. Then change the fraction to a percent.

8. To change a percent to a decimal, move the decimal point two places to the ____________ then drop the % sign.

continue by clicking the link below

Grade 4 Math: Ratio.Proportion.Percentage reviewer


1 Point to Qualify

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He lost the semi-finals round by 1 point.

Last Monday was my son’s first time to join a math quiz bee elimination round, he got in third place for the top ten highest scores.

Then today, he got the highest score for the five students who will vie for the final two slots.

Among the five, he scored the third highest, missing a point to tie with the second placer. Oh well,  I guess it’s not meant to be that he compete in the Math Quiz Bee.

Of course I’m disappointed but my hubby, who is ever so objective, pointed out that he probably wasn’t concentrated on the quiz details because he was torn between going to a BSP 4 day camp starting tomorrow (which he isn’t sure he is going to attend just in case he gets to compete in the Math quiz bee) and attending a Saturday rehearsal for the Drama Club’s yearly big production.

So I guess, being a former homeschooler, he didn’t do bad. Though he could have done better.

Love, Tiger Mom, XOXO

Math Quiz Bee Elimination Round

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She said they had the first elimination round for the Math Quiz Bee and she got the second highest score among her classmates.

Oh? I asked.

Yes! She said, with her signature look and furrow between the brows. She has mixed feelings that I don’t believe her.

For a while, I did feel surprise, not that I doubt she can do her best but because I was happy for her.

I am happy, deliriously happy. Why? Because math is her waterloo. The younger daughter has so much difficulty doing math problems that we used to be up late with me teaching her how dynamic subtraction is done and why this is even related to division. And when we do this, she gives me blank looks. And tears at times.

I told her, I want her to do her best to get a slot in the Math quiz bee but getting that second highest score is already a win for me.

I also told her that if she sets her heart with what she wants to achieve, she can overcome her difficulties.

Love, Tiger Mom, XOXO 😀

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