Two Paper Houses

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Two paper houses that I made as models for the younger daughter’s Science project about backyard setting and decorative plants. We decided to do 99% paper crafts for this one:

two paper houses

In case you are interested, here is a link to some steps we did to make the project.

Dauis Church Marker

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Markers are wonderful sources of information about historical places.

Below is a Dauis Church Complex Marker that informs visitors about the place and among the information are:  it was built in 1697, Jesuits lived in the convent during 1753 – 1768, 1768 was also the year when Recoletos priests took over.

Dauis Church Marker

The design of the church is that of neo-Gothic and neo-Classic.

Dauis Church can be found in Bohol.

Play Dough Time

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Dirty for today’s Photo Hunter theme.

Playing with play dough is one of the most enjoyable things children can do. They not only think creatively but they also develop fine motor skills and create concepts.

Play dough time

Parents can make their own play dough using tried and tested “recipes” to lessen the children getting in contact with the dangers of those colors being used in commercially bought play dough.

Never mind of the play dough gets into the fingernails and make these dirty, as long as the children are having fun and learning too, I’m sure play dough time is something they will look forward to during play time.

Digital Art

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Digital art of a singer by my then 7yo daughter:


She loves to tinker with the MS Paint, experimenting here and there until she knows what the tools are for. I don’t think I can do this myself. Can you? 😀

Water Taxi Ride

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So many square windows in that building over there :)

Boat Ride at Nuvali

Boat ride or Water taxi ride at Nuvali. This was a part of my son’s field trip last year. Other activities included fish or koi feeding and visit to One Evotech Building which used LEED or (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) standards.

We looked at homes (Nuvali has residential areas) that take advantage of natural light to conserve the use of electricity.

The children also learned about recycling, reusing and reducing waste products.

Field trips are tiring but these are super fun!

Classroom Reporter

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I have been meaning to post at least a photo or a short article about the time the 4th grader did a reporting in front of the class. Yes, I was there to take photos! Such as I was there during his educational field trip as a chaperone.

Talk about being a mamarazzi huh?

Class reporter

The son wanted to use the laptop for his presentation for his report on Central Visayas but we said no, he has to do the traditional way. He was particularly proud to show their photos in Bohol, home province of hubby’s family where they sometimes spend summer vacations. Bohol is a part of his report.

The report went well I think. I sat at the back of the room and never uttered a word nor moved an inch since it was my son’s moment.

The children went ga-ga over the many souvenirs he gave away like key chains and bracelets. These were given to those who listened well and answered his questions correctly. The classmates also loved the food samples from these provinces that he distributed.

More photos on this soon. I hope.

Bad Hair Day

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Naruto Uzumaki is a Japanese manga/anime character who is well-loved for his antics because he is “different” when he was younger. He had a lot of bad hair days when he was younger in this anime series entitled, well, Naruto. The children love this series.

Here are other photos of bad hair days 😀

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