Requirements in Applying to Quezon City Science High School

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If you (yes, you, the parents) and/or your child plan to apply to Quezon City Science High School, here are the things you need to do:

Quezon City Science High School Requirements:

  • 2 or 3 long envelopes (with stamps) with the child’s name and complete address written on the front
  • 2 or 3 pieces 1 x 1 OR 2 x2 pictures
  • 2 photocopies of Grade 5 grades/card
  • grade 5 original grades/card
  • for schools that have no numerical grades, ask the school guidance counselor or teacher-in-charge to give numerical equivalence of the grades
  • letter of recommendation from the school principal

Grade Requirements for Applying to Quezon City Science High School:

  •  For Math, Science and English: average of 85
  • Other subjects: average of 83
  • General weighted average should be at least 83
You will not be given an application form until the grades are seen by the screening process admission staff. If the grades qualify, fill up the application form.
The screening process admission staff will then give you a schedule for the first screening.
No payment was made for the application process.

The first screening for Quezon City Science High School SY 2013 – 2014 will be on October 22, 2012. It will run for one hour only.

First screening test will mostly be about general subject areas.

If the student passes the first screening process, he/she will take the second screening which will be focused more on Science, Math and English tests.

For those who passed the second screening, an interview will be scheduled.

For more info: call 9220739  during office hours.
Quezon City Science High School Address: Scientian Road corner Misamis Street, Barangay Santo Cristo, Quezon City (this is at near the Department of Education building and near Golden Acres).
For the results, these will be mailed using the stamped envelopes that were required.
As of two weeks ago, those who enrolled in review centers already know if they passed the first screening. I don’t know how that was possible.
Some clarifications:
  • The first screening  (October 22, 2012) and second screening (January 11, 2013) are already done with. There is absolutely nothing I can tell you how you can apply after the two screening because that is the school’s schedule.
  • If in case you have other younger children you want to apply to Quezon City Science High School, I suggest you get in touch with the school as early as JUNE or JULY next school year.
  • The results were mailed in the self-stamped and self-addressed envelopes that were given at the time of the application.


I just want to clarify that like you, I am a mom who wishes to have my child enroll in Quezon City Science High School and I am NOT in any way connected to the school. If in case we get a favorable result, then we will definitely enroll there. If not, well, there is still the youngest child to consider after a year.


I will be editing some of the comments posted earlier. This is my blog and even if I was not the one who wrote the comments, I have been bothered with some of what was written and I was advised to edit the comments that are in a way, malicious.

Thank you very much for visiting and I hope I was able to help some of you in my own little way.


Application for the Quezon City Science High School entrance exams first screening is NOTat the school campus anymore, proceed to the Quezon City Science Interactive Building at the QC Deped compound.


Grade 3 Science Reviewer: Force

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  1. _________ is a push or pull
  2. ________ is moving air
  3. _________ water is also a force
  4. _________ is the force that pulls all objects toward the earth

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Grade3 Reviewer for Energy and Light

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  1. __________ is the ability to do work
  2. Examples of sources of heat and light energy sources: _________ and _________
  3. ________________ is the heat and light from the sun



Click here for the reviewer.Grade 3 Science reviewer: Energy and Light

Paper House and Paper Tree

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The youngest daughter’s weekend project consists of making a house and backyard with lots of trees and flowers.

I was able to get a lot of ideas in the web when I searched for patterns. In the afternoon I tried to do a house and a tree.

The daughter loved it! She can’t wait for the print outs for the detailed outline so she can make her own.

Here’s what I made: presenting my low-cost housing unit and a tree, ta-da!

Paper house and Paper tree

The youngest daughter enjoyed “decorating” the outside walls of the house when they came home from school:

Paper House

I “copied” this pattern but I used my own measurement. For the 4th wall, I had difficulty adjusting it to be able to get a square. I obviously ran out of paper which made the house pink in front and white on the sides and back.

Am excited to get more supplies at the bookstore for this project. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come 😀

Grade 5: Male Reproductive System

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Review Notes for 5th grade Science covering Reproductive System.

MALE reproductive system
• Primary male reproductive organs are the testes, enclosed in a suspended sac-like structure called scrotum.

• Each testis has coiled tubes known as seminiferous tubules. Uncoiled, these measure 250meters. Inside the tubules are packs of cells that produce sperm cells.

• Epididymis is a set of coiled tubes (one for each testis) where sperm cells are temporarily stored.

• Vas deferens is a muscular tube that transports the sperm-containing fluid called semen.

• Seminal vesicles are structures attached to the vas deferens beside the urinary bladder.

• The prostate gland is located at the base of the urethra, just below the bladder. It produces part of the semen.

• The channel that carries the semen to the outside of the body through the penis is the urethra.

• Found between seminiferous tubules are interstitial cells that produce the male sex hormones called testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the development of secondary male characteristics like facial hair growth and deepening of the voice, among others.

• A hormone is a substance that has a specific effect on a body activity.

Vitamin A Food Mobile

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Vitamin A Food Mobile project:

Art Materials

Used egg tray for mixing the paint, water color paints in tube (ugh! the smell was bad), craft glue, scissors, paper for the drawing, long native baskets for the food (from last year’s Christmas gift “boxes”), and puncher. Not in photo is the hanger, round clips (from the notepads project of teacher mom), yarn from projects I can’t remember and native tray (from two Christmases ago where food gifts were given).

Vitamin A Food Mobile

Vitamin A rich food: egg, spinach, carrot and cheese (not in the photo yet).

Food Mobiles in School

Most of the food mobiles submitted were made of “plastic” fruits and vegetables. I see nothing wrong because these are more colorful and livelier to look at but I think it is better that the children learn to do these art projects from scratch because it not only enhances their imagination and creativity, it also promotes the use of whatever materials one has in the home.

Science Portfolio

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Science portfolio project of the eldest child. She did some tinkering and made some unusual presentation, like that closed paper for the teacher to open.

Science Project

This portfolio was used in the Science exhibit. School is closed now and they are enjoying being bored at home, 😀

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