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Underline the word that describes. Write on the blank if it is a shape, size, color, or number.

1. I have three sandwiches. ______________

2. The puppy is little. _____________

3. The girl’s ribbon is pink. ______________

4. Jason’s bag is big. _______________

5. There are five carabaos on the farm. ______________

6. Put the books on the square table. _______________

7. My favorite car is a red Ferrari. ______________

8. There are many tall buildings in the city. _____________

9. I have ten fingers. ______________

10. Her rectangular pillow is dirty. __________________

Box the picture words that describe the underlined words.

1. Mother is kind.

2. It is windy today.

3. They are good friends.

4. It is a big acacia tree.

5. God is almighty.

Complete the chart:






Underline the correct picture word:

1. Red is the (funnier, funniest) clown in the circus.

2. Randy is (tall, taller) than Fred.

3. Russia is the (big, biggest) country in the world.

4. A snail is (slowest, slower) than a turtle.

5. The ostrich is the (larger, largest) bird in the world.

Answer the questions with words that tell where:

1. Where do you hear mass? __________________

2. Where can you buy fruits and vegetables? ____________

3. Where can you go swimming? _______________

4. Where can a dog sleep? ________________

5. Where do turtles live? ________________

Answer the questions with words that tell when:

1. When is your birthday? _________________

2. When do you go to church? ________________

3. When do you eat breakfast? _________________

4. What time do you sleep? _________________

5. What month do we celebrate Christmas? ___________

Fill in the blanks by using these words:

Lovingly, politely, slowly, hurriedly, melodiously

1. The boy answered his mother ______________.

2. Mother ___________ hugged her children.

3. Dan walked ______________ because he is late.

4. The singer sang _________________.

5. The parade walked _____________.

Draw the following:

1. A red ball is between two blue balls.

2. The dog is sleeping under the tree.

3. A boy is hiding behind the cabinet.

4. A butterfly is atop a flower.

5. There are four books on the table.

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