Grade 1 Science First Quarter Reviewer

2:04 pm From the Teacher, Grade 1 Lessons, Science

Body Parts: What body parts do you use in the given situations?

  1. playing hopscotch or piko
  2. cutting paper shape with scissors […]

Draw a body and label […]

Choose the activity that shows how you take care of your body:

  1. taking a bath daily
  2. going to bed in dirty clothes […]

Health: Encircle the correct answer

  1. Which is the basic need to become healthy? (book, toy, food, clothes)
  2. There are (six, three, four, five) basic food groups. […]

PROPER CLOTHING: Write yes or no

  1. It is good to wear shorts during cold days.
  2. A raincoat or an umbrella is important during the rainy days […]

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