Fish Feeding

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Fish feeding children during a rainy field trip (another wet/rain entry) who do not seem to mind the drizzle that came before they boarded that raft. The field trip chaperones were just glad that this was a roofed raft because it afforded protection from the elements:

Fish Feeding

Some photos from this field: yellow flower, orange flower, and rainy field trip posts.

Field Trip: Kampo Trexo

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Kampo Trexo field trip was fun. There are many activities to do in Kampo Trexo and here are some of what the son and his classmates did (warning: there are a lot of photos in this entry so I hope your internet connection is good):

The son lining up to go down the zipline:

Kampo Trexo Zipline

The Kampo Trexo zip line from below:

Kampo Trexo Zipline

Kampo Trexo Rock/Wall Climbing. This looks easy but not all the children were able to reach the top:

Kampo Trexo Wall Climbing

Kampo Trexo rappelling:

Kampo Trexo Rappelling

Kampo Trexo Obstacle Course: Read the rest…

Visiting Nuvali

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Nuvali Field Trip Memorable Experience Journal entry:

On August 4, 2010, we’ve been gone to field trip in Nuvali. In Nuvali, we go fish feeding, boat riding, hiking, and trekking. In fish feeding, we’ve come now to the lake that is full of fishes. The fish food is worth PhP15.00.

Now we buy one and you see the lake is full of fishes then I throw fish food. And the fishes are fighting each other to get one! There until JM and Karl and I shared fish food until the food is now few. I threw them all at the lake.

Now the boat riding. Before the boat riding, Kuya Robi explained (to) us about recycling. We line up for the boat but Just*** R keep pushing me! Then when we stop, Just*** R stole my place! Then its time to go inside the boat but it was too late. I was the the one next to go inside the boat but the boat was full. Later (while the son is waiting on the dock), waves go to us, it felt like we were surfing! The boat arrived (after a few) in minutes. Then when I go in, I sit at the back of the boat. I put on the vest that is on my back (of the seat). And then when the boat started we go to the fountain. Then when we are now back (to the fish feeding station), I was a little wet.

Hiking and Trekking. When we had come to the bridge, it is so down we would really hike! When we started to go down it’s scary. In the last it felt like I was sliding down the and its really scary! Now, at last that was finish its time now to step on rocks, not on soil. Now when that hiking is done we play in a river for a few minutes. Kuya Jan explained (to) us something. After that we play but my mom panicked to call me and it started to rain! Oh, I almost forgot, I forgot to use Crocs but I was using my rubber shoes and stones went inside. I changed my clothes outside the bus and we leave Nuvali.

Words in italics were added in an attempt for minimum editing. Everything was handwritten by the son in his Science notebook.

How to Prepare for a Field Trip

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Field trips are not just fun learning experiences outside the four walls of the classrooms. Field trips, aside from teaching new information via multi-sensorial means, are ways to teach school children about safety, independence and looking out for each other.

Here are a few several tips on how to prepare for a field trip:

  • prep your child about the place they will visit: what to expect and how to behave accordingly
  • prepare enough food that will not spoil and spill
  • prepare food that will not have your child run to the nearest comfort room to relieve himself. What if there is none in sight?
  • prepare fluids that will hydrate the child, something that is not too sweet
  • prepare food by removing all wrappers at home and putting them in washable containers to avoid leaving trash behind. Field trips are now ZERO WASTE, fyi.
  • have your child bring extra clothes and small towels for wiping perspiration
  • have your child bring something that he can use to clean his hands before he eats: alcohol, wet tissue or wet towel, hand sanitizer (be careful though not to have him put his fingers in his mouth if he used this)
  • have your child sleep early
  • have breakfast before leaving for the field trip
  • be early
  • have your child bring identification cards and/or a mobile phone if this is allowed
  • do not allow child to bring hand-held gadgets
  • prepare a small emergency kit for your child: band-aid kit, tissue, wipes

If your child needs assistance or if you feel an extra pair of hands and eyes are needed, don’t hesitate to volunteer to join the field trip. Just remember to keep a little distance from your child and let him/her enjoy this time with his class.

Reflections on Glass Mirrors

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Every Saturday, participants post photos based on a theme. The theme for this Saturday is GLASS.

Below is a photo of the reflections of the faces of younger daughter and the son on the Coin Reflection table with glass when they had their field trip at the Science Centrum.


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