Grade 1 Language Arts Reviewer for Words with EA

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Grade 1 Language Arts Reviewer for Words with EA

Write the correct words in the blanks:



1. These are vegetables _________________

2. What we do with books _________________

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To the Readers of our Homeschooling Blog

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Dear Readers of our Homeschooling blog:

We try our very best to update this blog not because we are bragging but because we want to share the concepts that we are studying. In doing so, we want to help YOU who happen to find in our blog what you are looking for, whether its for your children or student or even younger relatives.

We wanted this blog to be interactive. We wanted YOU to be able to reply to our blog posts so that we can  help each other make things easier for those children who need to be taught these concepts that we are writing about.

Sad to say, some of these readers wrote rude comments. For what?

To think that they are fellow Filipinos make us really sad and violated.

After they have gotten what they needed for the Sibika/Makabayan and Filipino lessons that they came for here in our blog, they did that. And this made us decide to do something to stop it by closing the comments section.

Learning is supposed to be fun. Yes, it IS fun so we will just try not to get affected.

We hope you get to learn from our simple posts.

Solving Math Word Problems

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Math Word problems

Here are the steps in solving Math word problems:

  1. Read and understand the problem carefully.
  2. Write the given information.
  3. Find out what is asked.
  4. Give the number sentence.
  5. Solve for the answer.
  6. Write the answer with the correct label.

I Am Growing

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Christian Living Education Prep

I Am Growing

I have learned that:

  1. God loves me.
  2. I grow into a happy child of God.
  3. I can do simple things.
  4. God gives me people who help me grow.

Addition with Regrouping

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Addition with Regrouping

  • In adding numbers with regrouping, align the digits according to their place values.

  • Add the ones first, the tens next, the hundreds, and then the thousands.

  • Regroup to the next higher place whenever the partial sum is more than 9.

Answering “When” Questions

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Reading Prep

Answering “WHEN” questions

Addition without Regrouping

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Addition without Regrouping

  • In adding numbers without regrouping, write the numbers in columns, so that the ones digits are at the rightmost column, the tens digits are in the next column, the hundreds digits are the third column and the thousands digits are in the leftmost column.

  • Start adding the ones digits, next the tens, then the hundreds and then the thousands digits.

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