Short E words

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Reading Prep

Short e words in sentences:

  1. Ben will mend the tent.
  2. He fed his pet hen.
  3. Jess sells a bed.
  4. Her leg is wet.
  5. Ken will rent a jet.
  6. The net fell in the well.
  7. Pam will get the net.

Am I Different?

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I am Julian and I am 6.7 years old. I love to read books about different topics. I can even memorize all the words in some of my short books. I know a lot about countries, flags, population, languages spoken in different countries, currencies and even the countries’ life expectancy rate. Am I different because I love reading the Almanac? Right now some of my favorite books are my English-Japanese dictionary, my new Spot What? book and word search fun book.

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Context Clues

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Context Clues or Word Configuration

Context clues are the parts of a piece of writing or speech that help give the full meaning of a word.

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