How to Make Paper Houses

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Here are a few tips on how to make paper houses.

If like me, you are design-challenged, it is better to look for available patterns in the internet to use for your paper houses.

Here is another post I made about making paper houses with some step-by-step instructions done by my then grade 3 daughter.

Here is a post about the materials to make paper houses.

Below is a photo of a pattern for a Gingerbread house that I was able to print out. Note however that I added space on the squares because these extra space will be what you will fold to glue to the other “walls” of your paper house. Note the yellow paper with extra flaps for gluing.

Paper houses

This is the end-product of the paper houses where the Gingerbread house pattern above was used:

Paper Houses

For the houses, you can just add details to make it more “home-y”. We did not elaborate too much on the houses we used for the project on communities because as a teacher myself, I doubt who made “perfect” projects being submitted by children. If I were to “grade” projects, I will not choose the ones that are obviously not done by the children themselves.


For the tree, we just spread glue on brown paper and rolled it to form the “tree trunks”. We cut one end to use as “roots” and as braces to make the tree stand. The other end was flattened so that the “leaves” can be glued over it. Two green papers were glued together with the flattened end on one side. When the glued paper dried, we cut to form the green part of the tree.

Church paper house.


School paper house:


For both the church and school paper houses, I made my own patterns here. To avoid unnecessary usage of paper, use used paper as your pattern to be traced on the paper that you will use for the final product. Textured paper is better because these give the structures some “character”.

Just add details to make these paper structures look “real”.

There I hope I was able to help you make paper houses.

Parents, do not wait for the teachers to ask your children to make a community, you can have your children make their community like the wonderful Christmas villages we see during the Christmas season.

First Communion

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Our youngest child had her first Communion last Friday and here is she (with a photo I had to sneak taking, lol)

First Communion

It was a bittersweet day for the family. The two older children were not able to go to this blessed occasion but I am glad my mother and brother as well my sister-in-law and their daughter witnessed the event.

Tramp of Lady and the Tramp Drawing

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This is a drawing done by my daughter of Tramp, from the book and movie “Lady and the Tramp”.

Tramp Drawing

It is a classical Disney movie that the children love to watch again and again.

The drawing is not perfect but it is for me, the proud mom. 😀

1955 Lady and the Tramp trailer.

Faith Academy K-12 International Christian School

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I have heard of Faith Academy in Antipolo/Cainta way back in the mid-90s but I have never seen the school. So when I got an email if I want to visit the school with other mommy bloggers, I said yes without hesitation.

Faith Academy

Faith Academy is an International Christian school established in 1957 to cater to the children of foreign missionaries staying in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia.


Faith Academy

The school has diversified these days and now accepts those who are not children of missionaries and those who are from different religions and denominations. Primarily a Christian school, all students are taught Christian values and enrolled in Bible classes.

Faith Academy aims to help parents raise their children to be  morally upright global citizens.

To date, there are 500 students from 25 different countries who are enrolled at Faith Academy.

Faith Academy

Faith Academy has a curriculum based on the curriculum in the United States for it’s basic education from Kindergarten till Grade 8.

Faith Academy Kinder 2 classroom

Faith Academy library

Students can choose courses being offered when they go to Grade 9. The International General Certificate of General Education (IGCSE) program from the University of Cambridge offers First Language English, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Math, World History, Religious Studies/Bible Knowledge, Geography are some of the courses being offered in the program.

Faith Academy Chem and Physics room

Advanced Placement is where students from Grade 11 – 12 enroll for courses like Literature, Calculus, Chemistry, US and World History, Computer Science, Psychology and Biology.

Faith Academy has accreditation with Western Association of Schools and Colleges or WASC. WASC gives accreditation to public and private schools, colleges and universities.

Faith Academy has the following sports activities:

  • basketball
  • rugby
  • soccer
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • track and field
  • volleyball
  • taekwondo

Faith Academy gymnasium

Faith Academy soccer field

Faith Academy pool

Faith Academy tennis court
For the artistically-inclined, there is:

  • theater
  • drama
  • music
  • arts

Faith Academy carpentry room

Faith Academy auditorium

Faith Academy art room

Faith Academy art room

Faith Academy art room

Faith Academy music room

Outdoor Education is learning outside the classroom. The children who go through this program have week-long trips to learn more and be exposed to the real world. This helps them further learn how to learn from and respect others.

Third Culture Kid

Children in Faith Academy grow up to be Third Culture Kids. A Third Culture Kid is one who is able to develop a sense of relationship to different cultures but not having full ownership in any of the cultures he/she has been exposed to.

Steve Schwarze, Director for Development of Faith Academy and Kirk Long

Faith Academy Staff and Kirk Long

The teachers and staff of Faith Academy do not receive compensation and mostly rely on sponsorships from churches, organizations and individuals with kind hearts. There are many teachers in Faith Academy who studied there and returned after getting their degrees abroad.

Faith Academy is now accepting enrollees for schoolyear 2012-2013 until May 31, 2012. Visit their website at

Contact Ms. Cheryl Ramos-Roldan, Student Activities Coordinator of Faith Academy, at 248-5000 local 324 for more information.



Digital Art Drawing

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The youngest child (younger daughter) chose to make a comic strip (among five other tasks) for their English project for The Hundred Dresses book. We started conceptualizing and making sketches for the comic strip but she was a bit reluctant to finish. The hubby suggested that she use digital art drawing using MS Paint instead.

She finished the comic strip faster than the actual hand-drawn illustration.

comic strip for The Hundred Dresses

Here is the first part of her comic strip, from the chapter “The Hundred Dresses” from the book with the same title, authored by Eleanor Estes. The book was written in 1944.

The Hundred Dresses is a sad, sad story, according to my daughter. It is, because ti was about bullying and being judged and being made fun of.

Fish Feeding

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Fish feeding children during a rainy field trip (another wet/rain entry) who do not seem to mind the drizzle that came before they boarded that raft. The field trip chaperones were just glad that this was a roofed raft because it afforded protection from the elements:

Fish Feeding

Some photos from this field: yellow flower, orange flower, and rainy field trip posts.

Two Paper Houses

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Two paper houses that I made as models for the younger daughter’s Science project about backyard setting and decorative plants. We decided to do 99% paper crafts for this one:

two paper houses

In case you are interested, here is a link to some steps we did to make the project.

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