Sense of Smell

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Science Prep:

Sense of smell

My nose can smell good odor.

My nose can smell bad odor.

Caring for my nose:

  1. I blow my nose gently.
  2. I cover my nose with clean handkerchief when I sneeze.
  3. I clean my nose with soft cloth.
  4. I avoid inserting sharp objects in my nose.
  5. I can smell things with pleasant odor.

Sense of Sight

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Science Prep:

Sense of sight

My eyes can see colors, shapes, pictures and nature.

Caring for my eyes:

  1. I eat foods rich in vitamins.
  2. I read with enough light.
  3. I keep enough distance when watching TV.
  4. I use clean handkerchief to clean my eyes.

Parts of the Body and Sense Organs

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Science Prep

Identification of the different parts of the body (decoding):

  • Feet
  • Leg
  • Nose
  • Arm
  • Head
  • Hand
  • Shoulder
  • Eye
  • Neck
  • Ear
  • Mouth

Identification of the sense organs:

  • Sense of sight
  • Sense of smell
  • Sense of taste
  • Sense of hearing
  • Sense of touch

Reflections on Glass Mirrors

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Every Saturday, participants post photos based on a theme. The theme for this Saturday is GLASS.

Below is a photo of the reflections of the faces of younger daughter and the son on the Coin Reflection table with glass when they had their field trip at the Science Centrum.


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Warmth from the Sun and Sun Protection

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Warmth from the Sun

The sun warms the land, water and air. Solids absorb heat faster than liquids and gases.

Sun Protection

Too much heat from the sun is harmful. There are different ways to protect you from the Sun’s heat:

  1. Avoid going out and exposing yourself to the sun for long hours.
  2. Apply sunscreen before a long sunlight exposure.
  3. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  4. Never look directly at the sun.
  5. Use an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat
  6. Wear loose-fitting clothes
  7. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices during hot days.

The Sun

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The Sun

The sun is the main source of heat and light of the earth.

It is the center of the Solar System.

The planets and their moons, the meteors and other celestial objects move around the sun.

Sun’s Heat

The sun’s heat can:

  1. keep all things on Earth warm
  2. can produce electricity
  3. living tings need heat to live
  4. heat helps children grow healthy
  5. help the plants in food production
  6. allows us to see objects in the environment

Care for the Earth

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Care for the Earth

The Earth needs to be cared for.

Biodegradable materials are objects that easily decay like fruit peel and paper. These can be used as compost or fertilizer for the soil and as fuel.

Nonbiodegradable materials are objects that do not easily decay even after a hundred of years. Some of the wastes here can be recycled, processed and/or reused like old bottles made into new glass containers.

To keep the soil fertile, plant seedlings. Plant roots help hold the soil together by preventing the top part of the soil from being washed away. Adding compost, a mixture of decaying matter like fruit peels and decaying leaves is another way to make the soil fertile.

The water and the air are also important in the environment.

Waste pollutes water like rivers and streams.

By not burning waste, especially plastic that is poisonous when inhaled, would help curtail serious health problems.

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