Ayos ng Pangungusap

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Kaligtasan ng pamayanan tungkulin ng mamamayan.

Ayos ng Pangungusap

Karaniwan ang ayos ng pangungusap kung walang salitang ay.


  1. Naglalaro ang magkakaibigan.
  2. Hindi kumuha ng posporo si Eric.


Kabalikan ang ayos ng pangungusap kung may salitang ay.


  1. Ang magkakaibigan ay naglalaro.
  2. Si Eric ay hindi kumuha ng posporo.

Warmth from the Sun and Sun Protection

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Warmth from the Sun

The sun warms the land, water and air. Solids absorb heat faster than liquids and gases.

Sun Protection

Too much heat from the sun is harmful. There are different ways to protect you from the Sun’s heat:

  1. Avoid going out and exposing yourself to the sun for long hours.
  2. Apply sunscreen before a long sunlight exposure.
  3. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  4. Never look directly at the sun.
  5. Use an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat
  6. Wear loose-fitting clothes
  7. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices during hot days.

Pangungusap na Padamdam

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Ang pangungusap na padmdam ay nagsasaad ng matinding damdamin gaya ng pagkatuwa, pagkatakot, pagkagulat, pagkagalit at iba pa. Ito ay natatapos sa tandang padamdam (!).


  1. Wow! Ang ganda ng laruan.
  2. Sus, natalo na naman tayo!

Pangungusap na Pautos o Pakiusap

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Pagtulong sa pamayanan tungkuling dapat gampanan.

Pangungusap na Pautos o Pakiusap

Ang pangungusap ay maaari ring pautos at padamdam.

Ang pangungusap nap autos ay nag-uutos o nakikiusap. Gumagamit ito ng salitang paki ang pakiusap. Ito ay nagtatapos sa tuldok (.).


Halimbawa ng Pautos:

  1. Pumasok ka na ng maaga.
  2. Huwag ka muna umalis.


Halimbawa ng Pakiusap:

  1. Pakihulog nga ang sulat na ito.
  2. Pakilipat ang mga gamit.


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A square has four equal sides and four corners.

A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides and four corners. Two sides are long and two sides are short.

A triangle has three sides and three corners.

A circle has no corners. It is perfectly round.

Photo Hunt: Wooden Blocks

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Every Saturday, participants post photos based on a theme. the theme for this Saturday, February 23, 2008 is WOODEN.


Tania and Julian built a building out of the wooden blocks on the Crank a Quake table when Julian’s home school provider had a field trip at the Science Centrum almost a month ago. Then they moved the wooden table top to watch the blocks tumble down like there is an earthquake. Of course I had to explain that an earthquake is not that fun at all.

Please view our other Photo Hunt entries here. Thank you.

The Sun

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The Sun

The sun is the main source of heat and light of the earth.

It is the center of the Solar System.

The planets and their moons, the meteors and other celestial objects move around the sun.

Sun’s Heat

The sun’s heat can:

  1. keep all things on Earth warm
  2. can produce electricity
  3. living tings need heat to live
  4. heat helps children grow healthy
  5. help the plants in food production
  6. allows us to see objects in the environment

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