How to Make Paper Houses

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Here are a few tips on how to make paper houses.

If like me, you are design-challenged, it is better to look for available patterns in the internet to use for your paper houses.

Here is another post I made about making paper houses with some step-by-step instructions done by my then grade 3 daughter.

Here is a post about the materials to make paper houses.

Below is a photo of a pattern for a Gingerbread house that I was able to print out. Note however that I added space on the squares because these extra space will be what you will fold to glue to the other “walls” of your paper house. Note the yellow paper with extra flaps for gluing.

Paper houses

This is the end-product of the paper houses where the Gingerbread house pattern above was used:

Paper Houses

For the houses, you can just add details to make it more “home-y”. We did not elaborate too much on the houses we used for the project on communities because as a teacher myself, I doubt who made “perfect” projects being submitted by children. If I were to “grade” projects, I will not choose the ones that are obviously not done by the children themselves.


For the tree, we just spread glue on brown paper and rolled it to form the “tree trunks”. We cut one end to use as “roots” and as braces to make the tree stand. The other end was flattened so that the “leaves” can be glued over it. Two green papers were glued together with the flattened end on one side. When the glued paper dried, we cut to form the green part of the tree.

Church paper house.


School paper house:


For both the church and school paper houses, I made my own patterns here. To avoid unnecessary usage of paper, use used paper as your pattern to be traced on the paper that you will use for the final product. Textured paper is better because these give the structures some “character”.

Just add details to make these paper structures look “real”.

There I hope I was able to help you make paper houses.

Parents, do not wait for the teachers to ask your children to make a community, you can have your children make their community like the wonderful Christmas villages we see during the Christmas season.

October 24 is United Nations Day

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October 24 is United Nations Day.

I’m so glad we go to a school that supports this special day. If truth be told, I am disappointed with schools that celebrate Halloween but NOT United Nations Day. Harrumph.

Here is a photo of the younger daughter with her classmates all dressed up with the country of their choice.

United Nations Day 2011

She chose China. The husband at first suggested that we get her a Chinese dress but the daughter insisted we should not buy: RECYCLE was the teacher’s tall order.

We had her wear the husband’s red silk Chinese polo (am thankful we still had this in the closet), with the long sleeves rolled up and a belt to make it look smaller than it actually is. Black leggings and her school shoes that look like the traditional Mary Jane Chinese shoes completed the get-up along with a long white scarf and a bond paper with the word China stapled on it to make it look like a sash.

The children were asked to bring food that represent the country they chose.  We brought shumai or siomai for the class while others brought a lot of different food.


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Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal is celebrating his 150th Birth Anniversary this year.

Rizal @150

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines has lined up activities and events all over the country in order to commemorate the occasion.

Click here for more details.

Visit the National Historical Commission of the Philippines website for more info.

Sayaw sa Bangko

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For the children’s university week, celebrated every February, the grade four field demonstration was Sayaw sa Bangko.

Sayaw sa Bangko

Sayaw sa Bangko or Sayaw ed Tapew ng Bangko is a folk dance from Pangasinan, a province from the northern Philippines. Performers dance on wooden benches, changing places with each other and at times jumping on and off the bench.

The son is wearing shoes, the pair of slippers which was prepared earlier was forgotten, 😀

Balance and helping each other to stay on the bench is important for the two dancers on the bench.

Classroom Reporter

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I have been meaning to post at least a photo or a short article about the time the 4th grader did a reporting in front of the class. Yes, I was there to take photos! Such as I was there during his educational field trip as a chaperone.

Talk about being a mamarazzi huh?

Class reporter

The son wanted to use the laptop for his presentation for his report on Central Visayas but we said no, he has to do the traditional way. He was particularly proud to show their photos in Bohol, home province of hubby’s family where they sometimes spend summer vacations. Bohol is a part of his report.

The report went well I think. I sat at the back of the room and never uttered a word nor moved an inch since it was my son’s moment.

The children went ga-ga over the many souvenirs he gave away like key chains and bracelets. These were given to those who listened well and answered his questions correctly. The classmates also loved the food samples from these provinces that he distributed.

More photos on this soon. I hope.

Central Visayas

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Land Area: 14663.21 sq km

Population: 6,398,628 (2007) ika-lima sa pinakamaraming tao sa 17 na rehiyon sa Pilipinas

Mga Lalawigan:

  • Bohol
  • Cebu
  • Negros Oriental
  • Siquijor

Topograpiya: mabundok at maburol ngunit may bahaging lambak at kapatagan. Napaliligiran ng tubig-dagat.

Klima: May ulan kapag mga buwan ng tag-ulan. May ilang lugar na hindi malinaw ang panahon ng tag-ulan ngunit maiksi ang tag-init. May mga bahaging pantay ang distribusyon ng ulan sa buong taon.

Mga Produkto:

  • Mga pananim: mais, palay, gulay, niyog at asukal
  • Produktong galing sa pangingisda at pag-aalaga ng hayop
  • Yamang-kabundukan: ginto, pilak, karbon, tanso, at batong lupa na ginagawang semento, limestone at uling.

Mga Mamamayan:

  • Bohol – Boholan; Bol – anon
  • Cebu – Cebuano
  • Negros Oriental – Negrense

Full Transcript of President NoyNoy Aquino’s State of the Nation Address 2010

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Here is a link to the full transcript of the State of the Nation Address of President NoyNoy Aquino during the 15th Philippine Congress.

Some excerpts:

Matagal pong naligaw ang pamahalaan sa daang baluktot.

Ganyan din po ang nangyari sa pondo ng MWSS. Kamakailan lamang, pumipila ang mga tao para lang makakuha ng tubig.

Narinig po ninyo kung paano nilustay ang kaban ng bayan. Ang malinaw po sa ngayon: ang anumang pagbabago ay magmumula sa pagsiguro natin na magwawakas na ang pagiging maluho at pagwawaldas.

Kung ang sagot sa kawalan ng katarungan ay pananagutan, ang sagot naman sa kakulangan natin sa pondo ay mga makabago at malikhaing paraan para tugunan ang mga pagkatagal-tagal nang problema.

Mahirap magsimula ang usapan habang mayroon pang amoy ng pulbura sa hangin. Nananawagan ako: huwag po natin hayaang masayang ang napakagandang pagkakataong ito upang magtipon sa ilalim ng iisang adhikain.

Puwede na muling mangarap. Tayo nang tumungo sa katuparan ng ating mga pinangarap.

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