Kayarian ng Salita

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  • pulo
  • sariwa
  • gubat


  • kapuluan
  • napakasariwa
  • kagubatan


  • punung-puno
  • pira-piraso


  • bahaghari
  • balikbayan
  • silid-aralan

Sugnay at Parirala

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Ang sugnay ay lipon ng mga salitang may simuno at panaguri ngunit bahagi lamang ng pangungusap.

May dalawang  uri ng sugnay:

  • Ang sugnay na makapag-iisa ay bahagi ng pangnungusap na may buong diwa kahit ihiwalay sa pangungusap.
  • Ang sugnay na di-makapag-iisa naman ay hindi nagbibigay ng pinangungunahan ng pangatnig gaya ng ngunit, samantalang, kung, para, habang.


  • Sugnay na makapag-iisa
  1. Ang kalinisan sa kapaligiran ay dapat na panatilihin


  • Sugnay na di-makapag-iisa
  1. nang maging malusog ang bayan natin.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ang parirala ay lipon ng mga salitang walang simuno at panaguri. Wala itong buong diwa.


  • ang hangin
  • ang mga pulis
  • mahirap gawin

Art Lessons from Global Art Philippines

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Last year, I wrote about Global Art Philippines and the national art competition they held last year.

Last month, the younger daughter availed of the gift certificate I have forgotten about have long buried in my bag. Good thing Miss Yen, the directress of Global Art Philippines was accommodating and gave us the chance to redeem the free services. We got eight hours of free lessons plus materials.

The younger daughter was scheduled to have four 2-hour sessions.

Below is her art work, which was done last Saturday, her second from the 4 two hour sessions:

Global Art

Nice eh?

Thank you Global Art Philippines, especially Global Art Ortigas (Main) for giving my daughter a chance to have these lessons in your center.

Global Art Philippines Facebook page

Ortigas branch (Main):

Unit 101 Sekai Center, 368 Ortigas Avenue, corner Madison Street, San Juan
Tel: 515-7005; 726-0435

Dauis Church Marker

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Markers are wonderful sources of information about historical places.

Below is a Dauis Church Complex Marker that informs visitors about the place and among the information are:  it was built in 1697, Jesuits lived in the convent during 1753 – 1768, 1768 was also the year when Recoletos priests took over.

Dauis Church Marker

The design of the church is that of neo-Gothic and neo-Classic.

Dauis Church can be found in Bohol.


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Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal is celebrating his 150th Birth Anniversary this year.

Rizal @150

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines has lined up activities and events all over the country in order to commemorate the occasion.

Click here for more details.

Visit the National Historical Commission of the Philippines website for more info.

Active Ambassadors Academy

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I am a believer in non-traditional school setups so when mommy blogger friends and I were invited to visit Active Ambassadors Academy, I did not hesitate to go because this is a school that has a part-traditional and part-progressive approach to teaching.

My children go to a similar school setup where as I, as a special education teacher and a former homeschooling mom, started teaching preschool using integrated core curriculum.

Based from the experiences of my mommy blogger friend iMom whose youngest son goes to Active Ambassadors Academy, I pretty much surmised that this school is different.

Active Ambassadors Academy:

  • is committed to nurture and educate children to be globally competitive with skills and knowledge that will make them successful ambassadors of positive change
  • has two supplementary education providers: Active Brain Inc (ABI) and Dash Cultural Educational Institute (DCEI)
  • preschool curriculum aiming for competencies in English and Chinese
  • Handiworx” a life skills program which aims to develop independence, creativity and practical life skills
  • believes in developmental approach to learning and thereby espousing a holistic and developmental approach to teaching

AAA Graduates are:

  • Ambassadors of Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Ambassadors of Excellence and Service
  • Ambassadors of Love and Peace

AAA Core Values:

  • Resilient (I can do it)
  • Determined (Practice makes perfect)
  • Global Thinkers, Proactive Leaders (Possibilities are Endless)
  • Generous (Care and Share)
  • Environmental (Think clean, think green)
  • Humble Servants (Love your neighbor)
  • Christ-like (Live for Christ)

The AAA Program is composed of the following:

  • DASH CEI Chinese language program
  • MIKIDS Multiple Intelligences Program for English
  • Handiworx Life Skills Program
  • Supplemental programs of Chinese Character Canon and SIP Abacus and Mental Math Brain Training Center

Children wowing us with their Mental Math skills made possible through SIP Abacus and Mental Math Brain Training Center<. Active Brain Inc. is Philippines sole distributor of SIP Abacus Brain Training Program and Mikids Multimedia Intelligence Program.

Chinese Character Canon

Dash Cultural and Educational Institute is the sole distributor for the Chinese Character Canon program and has developed their own Chinese language etymology course. Chinese teachers are native speakers of Mandarin and came from China. And yes, adults can learn mandarin here too.

Active Ambassadors Academy is located at #35 Dona Hemady Avenue cor 5th Street, New Manila QC. Contact numbers: 02-4755576/02-5248195

Number Works ‘n Words

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Homeschooling does not just mean that the learning takes place within the confines of one’s home. Homeschooling means having the option to choose from among the many learning enrichment centers that provide more skills and new things to learn for homeschoolers.

When my children were still homeschooling, I considered daily tasks as avenues for learning: Science and Math concepts at the supermarket; scheduling and time management for the day to day activities; practical life skills (plus home-making skills) with the household chores; good moral and right conduct with how we deal with the people we encounter throughout the day; honing creativity and imagination through arts and crafts. The list of possibilities and opportunities to learn are endless, if only parents are resourceful and have the “energy” to pursue extra-curricular activities.

I’ve recently been introduced to a not-so-new concept of teaching children academic concepts in an enriching manner, through NumberWorks’nWords, an international learning center for Math and English. What I meant by not-so-new is that I also do the process NumberWorks’Words do with the students: assess, make a program and do a progress report.

What sets the centers apart from the usual tutorial centers is that there are individualized programs for Math and Reading available in NumberWorks’nWords. The centers have evolving learning computer software that they have been developing for years to meet the students learning needs. These learning modules have been developed by educators and software engineers.

Professor Dan Handy, the Managing Director of NumberWorks’nWords explained that their centers want the children to love learning through their programs. The Math Programs are being continually developed by experts while the English programs are geared toward reading, comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar.

NumberWorks’nWords provide assessment process to be able to create individualized programs for the children enrolled with them. They also provide progress reports. All these in an atmosphere where learning is enjoyable.

Here are some fun games for your children to try while they are learning: Games from Number Works’nWords


For inquiries, these are the NumberWorks’nWords in the Philippines:

Green Hills NumberWorks’nWords, Phone (02) 227-7933

Katipunan NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 393 0611

Taguig NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 846-6268

Alabang NumberWorks’nWords Phone (632) 807 6294 / 772 4655


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