Palacio del Gobernador

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Palacio del Gobernador is located at the Plaza Roma in Intramuros, Manila  where different historical sites can be seen.

Where Palacio del Gobernador stands used to be where Governor General Diego Fajardo lived. It was said to be the place of the official residence of the governor generals until it was destroyed by an 1863 earthquake.

Click here to read about Intramuros.

Plaza Roma

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Plaza Roma is located in Intramuros, Manila. Like Spanish town, this is a place where the important places are located: church, official’s residences and the city hall.

Most towns in the provinces are arranged as such, with an open space, the plaza where people can congregate to celebrate important festivities.

At the center of the plaza stands a statue of King Carlos IV who was responsible in bringing in vaccine to help the Fiipino people.

This is what is written where the statue stands.

Manila Cathedral

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The Manila Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila.

It has a long historical record which can be read here.


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Calesa is a horse-drawn carriage which used to be one of the modes of transportation here in the Philippines during the Spanish era. High-ranking officials and nobles used the calesa.

Makasaysayang Pook sa Pilipinas

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Mga makasaysayang pook ang tawag sa mga lugar na may kinalaman sa kasaysayan ng bansa. Ilan sa mga ito ay:

§ Intramuros

§ Luneta o Rizal Park

§ Malacanang Palace

§ Philippine Women’s University

§ Tahanan ni Heneral Emilio Aguinaldo

§ Corregidor

§ Dambana ng Kagitingan sa Bataan

§ Pasong Tirad

§ Krus ni Magellan sa Cebu

§ Lansangan ng EDSA

§ Lapu-lapu Shrine

§ Simbahan ng Barasoain

§ Rizal Shrine

Pangangailangan ng Pamilya

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Sibika at Kultura Prep

Mga Pangangailangan ng Pamilya

  1. pagkain
  2. kasuotan
  3. tirahan
  4. edukasyon


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Bayan Mo, Alamin Mo

Ang mapa ay isang patag na larawan ng isang lugar o bansa.

Ang mapa ay may north arrow na laging nakaturo sa Hilaga upang malaman ang iba pang pangunahing direksyon.

Ang apat na pangunahing direksyon: hilaga, kanluran, timog at silangan. Sa pagitan ng mga ito ay may pangalawang direksyon: Hilagang Silangan, Hilagang Kanluran, Timog Silangan at Timog Kanluran.

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